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Infiltrating local markets at a much lower cost at over 300 high-quality locations!

The Most Reliable Smart Vending System

With our self-developed smart vending system, our brand partners will be freed from troubles.

Quality Locations

Our professional location team will perform a thorough site visit ensuring the location is fit for our Smart Vending Machines. We also have a machine performance specialists team boosting the sales of all our machines with the help of AI.

Smart Replenishment

We have developed our replenishment system in-house maximizing the cost efficiency. The system analyzes the statistics and adjusts the product mix using scientific calculation. With it, we can bring down the cost significantly.

7-days Guarantee

Got tired of a long returning period (60 to 90 days on average) from chained supermarkets? GRITUS guarantees to settle payment within the first 7 working days of each calendar month to help clients generating healthy cash flow.


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Want no more harsh terms with supermarkets?

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