Latest Model: H9

All GRITUS machines are crafted and manufactured by our trusted factory with strict quality control. We develop software and hardware with care, so that we can guarantee the operation smoothness and product sustainability in the long run.

Think outside the box

Go beyond the limit of a “soft drinks machine” and do more for brands

Smart Retail

ePayment and a big touch screen on every GRITUS machine fire up interactive shopping experience such as video insert, gamification, and chatbot. Brands can set discounts and even build an O2O sales cycle with our e-shop linking service.

Smart Management

Cloud system allows business owners to monitor the operating condition, stock quantity and revenue of a smart vending machine. Our logistic team knows the best time to do replenishment and the console status for any maintenance needs!

Data-driven Marketing

GRITUS machines are also 24/7 mobile billboards. Brands can use our machines to give away or sell souvenirs on events. They can also obtain sales data to adjust pricing, promotions and product details to optimize their sales strategies.

H9 - Specs

Dimensions | (W) 880mm x (H) 2000mm x (D) 720mm
Weight | Net 300KG
No. of Product Tunnel | Max. 30 (depends on product size)
Supporting Product Type | Bottle, Food & Snack, Necessities, etc.
Product Housing System | Drawer shelf structure
Refrigeration Specification | Min. 6°C
Power Source | 100-120VAC, 3.0A; 200-240VAC, 2.0A; 50/60Hz
Power Consumption | 250W (without air-con) / 800W (with air-con)
Display | 43” LCD display with touch sensor
Industrial PC | Intel i7 Processor, 32GB SSD Hard Disk, 4GB RAM
System OS | Linux Ubuntu

Unique Features

Flexible User Interface

How flexible? The main screen can be divided into 24 grids, each supports image/video insert and event triggers. The layout can be changed via dashboard easily.

e-Shop Linking

As we develop our own sales system, we can link up to your e-shop and let consumers order your product or service directly on the machine.

Notice Board

Favored by our location providers, this feature functions as an info hub enhancing internal communication. It also performs well as an e-notice board.

Customized Games

A special offer can be obtained after gaming! In Christmas 2018, we launched a catching game on multiple locations and the result was encouraging.