Machine Rental

Rent a GRITUS smart vending machine and enjoy quality services provided by our professionals.

The Most Reliable Smart Vending System

With our self-developed smart vending system, our brand partners will be freed from troubles.

Start at a lower cost

We all know Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world. To make everyone’s life easier, GRITUS hopes to create a better, smarter and more affordable sales channel for business starters.

24/7 Operation

GRITUS smart vending machines allow customers to buy your products at any time. Since the machines are developed and operated by us, we can promise our client to deliver the best quality service proudly.

Interactive Promotion

GRITUS smart vending machines can do interactive ads such as limited offers, combo sales, video insert and gamification. Brand clients can also decorate their machines with body wrapping to catch more attention!

Case study: HERBALTEA

HERBALTEA is a Chinese herbal function tea brand. Founder Miss Lai once met an old Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. Hu and was introduced to the power of function tea. Apart from patients with gout and eczema, people who suffer from fatigue, putrefaction and insomnia also experience improvement after using HERBALTEA products. In July 2019, the brand rented a GRITUS smart vending machines at their Lai Chi Kok branch to sell its products 24/7.

Case study: Miya's Work

Miya’s Work is a local beauty brand selling hand-made skin care products. The founder Miya was troubled by skin problems; she had been seeking a natural way out. With years of exploring and learning, she developed various formulas and products to bring relief measures to sufferers. Among them, the ace series "acne and scar removal set" has sold more than 10,000 sets so far. In December 2017, Miya’s Work opened a short-term offline shop in Causeway Bay to expand the brand’s market exposure below the line.


1 machine / 3 months


Supplied by brand


Handled by brand*

Online Platform

GRITUS Dashboard

*Brands can use replenish service provided by GRITUS (HKD160 per trip).

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